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Power On Digital Program

Last Updated: 5/27/2020 3:21 PM

Program Overview


In the Graves County Schools, we believe students learn more when authentically engaged. Therefore, we are excited to announce a learning experience for your child that fosters creativity, curiosity, and innovation. Our Board of Education has approved plans for a major instructional technology initiative. The "PowerOn" Digital Program ensures we effectively leverage technology as an instructional tool to better prepare students for 21stcentury success.



The Chromebook Device



Schoology is a Learning Management System (LMS) that simplifies the teaching and learning process by connecting people with the tools they need in one digital platform.  Teachers will deliver content, assessments, notifications, and much more to students through Schoology.  Parents will be able to log in and see most everything their child sees including grades. 

Additional Info


Have questions? Click the link below to view our FAQs page.


We HIGHLY recommend a case to protect the Chromebook and earbuds for the best listening experience.  Simply search for "Dell 11 Chromebook" to find these accessories.  Be sure to look at customer ratings before you make your purchases.