Board of Education



Graves County Schools:

Striving for Excellence: No Exceptions, No Excuses. 

Board Mission

The Board of Education’s mission is to provide an educational program focused on academic excellence and student mastery of knowledge and skills needed for lifelong learning, social well-being, and active, responsible citizenship.


Mailing Address

2290 State Route 121N
Mayfield, KY 42066
Phone: (270) 328-2656 or (270) 674-2656
Fax: (270) 674-1561


2023 Board Meetings

Date Purpose Agenda Minutes
01/03/2023 Organizational Meeting Click Here Click Here
01/12/2023 Working Session Click Here Click Here
01/19/2023 Monthly Meeting Click Here Click Here
02/09/2023 Working Session Click Here Click Here
02/16/2023 Monthly Meeting Click Here Click Here
02/24/2023 Special Meeting -Board Retreat Click Here Click Here
03/09/2023 Working Session Click Here Click Here
03/16/2023 Monthly Meeting Click Here  
04/13/2023 Working Session    
04/20/2023 Monthly Meeting    
05/11/2023 Working Session    
05/15/2023 Monthly Meeting    
06/08/2023 Working Session    
06/15/2023 Monthly Meeting    
07/13/2023 Working Session    
07/20/2023 Monthly Meeting    
08/10/2023 Working Session    
08/17/2023 Monthly Meeting    
09/14/2023 Working Session    
09/21/2023 Monthly Meeting    
10/12/2023 Working Session    
10/19/2023 Monthly Meeting    
11/9/2023 Working Session    
11/16/2023 Monthly Meeting    
12/14/2023 Working Session    
12/18/2023 Monthly Meeting