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Graves County Schools, in collaboration with Murray Head Start, offers public preschool programs for 3- and 4-year-old children in all elementary schools.  Eligibility requirements include:

  • Programs for 4-year-olds: must be age 4 by August 1 of the current school year and meet eligibility at 160% of Federal Income Guidelines.

  • Special Needs Services: must be aged 3 or 4 during the school year, regardless of income and must meet the state guidelines for developmental delay or disability.

  • Head Start Services: must be age 3 or 4 by August 1 of the current school year and must meet eligibility at 100% of Federal Income Guidelines along with other family factors.

  • Preschool Tuition Program:  tuition slots (if child is not eligible based on income or disability) will be offered based on space available only at the specific school in question.  Preschool tuition is $750 per semester. Other guidelines also apply for tuition students.


Preschool programs last for half of the school day, Monday thru Thursday with the exception of two full day classes (located at Central Elementary and Wingo Elementary), and serve either breakfast or lunch.  Transportation is provided, if possible, by the Graves County School District. Preschool classrooms use a developmentally appropriate curriculum and offer special education services, including specialized curriculum, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other related educational services. Health and dental screenings are also provided and parent training activities are available. 



Screening and Registration for all Graves County Preschools will be held during February and March at the Graves County Head Start office at Central Elementary.  In order to attend preschool, a child must be either 3 or 4 years of age on or before August 1 of the current (or upcoming for future enrollment) school year.


Please refer to the following steps for enrollment:


  1. Contact the Graves County Head Start office at (270) 674-4905 or (270) 328-4905 to schedule a registration appointment.

  2. Attend the scheduled registration appointment at the Graves County Head Start office located in Central Elementary. Please bring the following items with you to the registration appointment:

    1. Proof of Income

    2. Birth Certificate

    3. Social Security Card

    4. Medicaid Insurance Card (if applicable)

  3. Schedule a developmental screening appointment with the preschool teacher at your home school (home school is determined by your current address).  The Head Start office will assist you with scheduling this screening appointment during your registration appointment.

  4. Attend the scheduled developmental screening.  Your child will need to be present for this appointment.

  5. Receive enrollment determination letter by the second week in July.  This letter will notify you of program acceptance and will include your child’s teacher, preschool session (AM, PM, or Duration class) and if transportation will be provided.

  6. If your child meets eligibility criteria and is accepted into the public preschool program you will be required to submit the following health documents to the Head Start office by July 31:

    1. Kentucky Immunization Certificate

    2. Physical Exam

    3. Vision Exam

    4. Dental Exam

  7. Attend “Back to School” event at your child’s approved program site.  There is a mandatory transportation meeting held during each “Back to School” event that you must attend if your child plans on riding the bus at any point during the year.  

  8. Schedule a home visit with your child’s teacher.  Most of these home visits are scheduled during “Back to School” events.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!  Your child is ready for the first day of school.  It is important to note that Graves County Preschool/ Head Start begins school later and ends earlier than K-12.  Please refer to the district calendar for specific dates.


To learn more, please contact:

Selise Ridolfi

Director of Special Education/ Preschool Coordinator

(270) 674-1558 or (270) 328-1558


Courtney Hayden

Early Education Consultant/ Community Liaison

(270) 674-1555 or (270) 328-1555


Graves County Head Start Office

(270) 674-4905 or (270) 328-4905



Important Links and Documents

2019-2020 Registration Flyer

Tuition Program Application

Teacher RTI Resources

Governor's Office of Early Childhood

Registration Forms

Please download and complete the forms linked below.  Please turn the completed packet into the Head Start office at Central Elementary School (2262 State Route 121N Mayfield, KY 42066).

2020 - 2021 Pre-School Application Packet