Special Education

All children can learn, but some learn differently. Some children need more help than others because they have a disability. Do you know a child with special needs? Great things can happen when your school knows. Graves County Schools can provide special programs for students with disabilities. Services such as special education, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and special transportation are available to students needing these services. If you know of a child age 3 to 21 who may have a disability and need special education services, contact:

Selise Ridolfi
Director of Special Education
Graves County Schools
270-328-1558 or 270-674-1558


Carmen Robertson
Special Education Consultant
270-328-1549 or 270-674-1549


Candice Frick
Special Education Consultant
270-328-6242 or 270-674-6242 


Testing Center

Sherry Adams


Stephanie Cash
Clinical Psychologist


Dana Wyatt

Crisis Support

For emergency situations please call Four Rivers Crisis Line at 1-800-592-3980.

Other support agencies that you may call are as follows:

  • Child Abuse Hotline 1-877-597-2331
  • Parent Anonymous Hotline 1-800-432-9251 (for parents who are stressed and in crisis situations)
  • Alcohol/Drug Hotline 1-800-729-6686 or 1-800-432-9337
  • Rape Crisis Hotline 1-800-422-1060