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Open Records Requests


Inspection of Board Records 


Residents of the Commonwealth desiring to examine records that are not exempt from public disclosure may do so during regular working hours.  Regular working hours shall be posted at the main entrance of the Central Office.

The principal office of the District is located at 2292 State Route 121N, Mayfield, KY  42066.

The official custodian/designee to whom request for access to records should be submitted is Tiffany Williams at 270-328-1556 and email address is

Fees for hard copies shall be 10 cents a page.  Fees for other media (if applicable) shall be based on actual cost to the District.

The requesting party shall submit a written application that shall:

  • Be signed;
  • Include the applicant’s name printed legibly;
  • Include mailing address (and email address if applicable); and 
  • Include a statement of the manner in which the applicant is a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The applicant shall hand deliver, mail, send via facsimile, or send via email the written application to the custodian/designee at the above address describing the records the applicant wishes to access.  Written requests comporting with the above or the written form set forth in regulation by the Kentucky Attorney General may be utilized by the requesting party.

Unless a longer period applies under state law or Executive Order, a response by or on behalf of the District is due within five (5) days (not including weekends or holidays) of receipt of the request.  If records are in active use or storage or otherwise unavailable, the District response will explain in detail the cause for a delay beyond five (5) days and state the earliest date on which the records will be available.  Requests may be denied if the records are exempt from disclosure under KRS 61.878 or if the request imposes an unreasonable burden or is intended to disrupt essential functions of the District as provided in KRS 61.872.

A resident of the Commonwealth may inspect public records during regular office hours  If s/he resides outside the county and precisely describes the responsive records, s/he may receive responsive, non exempt records by mail upon the District’s receipt of copying fees and costs of mailing.  

Applicants requesting copies of public records for a commercial purpose (KRS 61.874) shall provide a certified statement to the district stating the commercial purpose for which the records shall be used and shall be required to enter into a contract with the District.  The contact shall state the fee required by the District to produce copies to be used for a commercial purpose.