Lowes the Community


This village with post office lies at the junction of KY 339, 440 and 849, eleven miles northwest of Mayfield.  It was originally called Lowes Crossroads.  It was settled in 1837, by travelers from Virginia who found a fine spring near the present site of this town and decided to make a home. 


Among the travelers was Levi Lowe, who built the first house in the town.  The travelers called the land the "Barns" (Barrons) because it had a few trees and lots of tall sage grass. 


John Mike Lowe built a sturdy log store in the tiny new village of Lowes in 1837; it was one room and connects by a "dogtrotted" to his residence.  John was the brother of Levi


Other families that came to this area were:  the Armsteads, the Pecks, the Fulghums, the Rusts, the Mahans, the Smiths, the Colemans, the Morgans, the Barrigers, and the Lamms. 


In the early 1840's a house called "The New Meeting House" was built for the use of school, church and all public meetings.  The first post office at Lowes was located on Wilson Creek and was run by George Barriger.  The post office was not a government office, but was merely a loading station where a person hired by the Lowes community left mail, which had been brought from Blandville. The Wilson Creek post office closed about the time the Civil War started and John R. Lowe paid $100 each year to the mail carrier to come by Lowes from his regular Concord Church route and bring the mail.  Today the Lowes Store is still operational.  Colonel Paul Wilkerson & Sons Auctions, Angie's Beauty Shop, Judy Wilkerson Beauty Shop and the Sears Brothers Sod Farm are the primary businesses in the community, along with Lowes Elementary School and the Post Office.

Back in 1937 the Freshman & Sophomore Class of Lowes High School published A Glance Backwards.  This book reflects on the 100th anniversary of Lowes, KY.  Very few of these "books" remain today.  The history, dedicated to Senator Alben Barkley, tells the story of how Lowes began and then stories throughout that first 100 years.

Travelling through Lowes today and you will find the Bread of Life Humanitarian Effort in the old Lowes Funeral Home.  The Lowes Family saw the work that was being done and decided to donate this building to the effort.  Bread of Life provides donated manpower, cleaning supplies, food and other necessities to people in need in our community or around the world.  Most of the need has been through disaster relief starting with Hurricane Katrina clean-up.