Power On Chromebook Care Tips

Last Updated: 7/21/2020 6:49 PM



Below are a few helpful tips to make sure you take proper care of your Chromebook.


  1. It is strongly encouraged for students to purchase a Chromebook cover. Handle your Chromebook with extreme care.

  2. Do not leave the Chromebook on the floor or place heavy objects on top of Chromebooks.

  3. Do not use markers on the Chromebook or place stickers or other decorations on the Chromebook.

  4. The number one enemy of devices is beverages. Never have a beverage too close to your device. If a liquid is spilled on your device, do not turn the device on. Turn it into the Help Desk or school office ASAP.

  5. Never store your device in a vehicle. Both excessive heat or excessive cold will damage the device and vehicles are easily broken into. In addition, leaving your device in a vehicle increases the possibility of the device being stolen.

  6. If you must bring your charger to school, be sure to label it with a piece of tape with your name on it so it is easily identified.

  7. Be careful how you wrap your charger and do not bend the small cable too tightly at the base of the charger as this can cause the charger to begin to fray. If the charger cable begins to fray, take it to the Help Desk. Do not wait until the wire has completely broken through.

  8. Keep your charger away from pets as they love to chew on the cords.

  9. If the device is not working properly, always restart the device and check again. If restarting the device does not fix the issue, students should take the device to the Help Desk or school office.

  10. It is important to charge the device every night. Devices brought to school with a full charge should last a full day. If your device is in need of repair, you will be provided a loaner Chromebook to use while it is being repaired.

  11. The Chromebook is your responsibility. Never loan your Chromebook to others. No loaners are given for Chromebooks left at home, so do not forget them.