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Last Updated: 5/29/2020 4:01 AM

Parent Portal for MasteryConnect

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MasteryConnect Overview

Graves County Schools will be utilizing MasteryConnect, an online software system, in grades K-8 as the means to communicate students’ mastery levels of standards. Detailed reporting on a student’s mastery of standards taught in each quarter as well as standards taught through the year will meet the needs of teachers, parents and students. Parents and students can go online at any given time to view the mastery level of each activity, assessment, etc. for each standard taught. Plus, parents will be able to view a detailed report card online of their child’s abilities.


MasteryConnect will help teachers to follow our curriculum, use common assessments, and then grade and track students’ progress as they collaborate to plan their instruction. This will allow each student to receive the instruction they need based on their progress towards mastery of our standards as they are taught.


Levels of Mastery – Colors Represent Level of Intervention:
M = Mastery of Standards (Green)
NM = Near Mastery of Standards (Yellow)
R = Remedial Level of Understanding (Red)


Mastery Connect helps teachers to help students learn!

Report Card Overview


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Report Card Tutorial Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there duplicate standards showing the same information in different quarters?
Standards are duplicated if they are assessed in more than one quarter. Some priority standards are assessed in multiple quarters.

Why do pre-assessments need to be reported on the trackers if they are to be guiding the teacher’s instruction?
Pretests are included in Mastery Connect to show growth and in some cases to demonstrate mastery of a standard. When a child shows mastery of a standard on a pretest, the teacher can provide enrichment opportunities and alter his/her instruction to focus on the standards the child has not yet mastered.

If my child goes from Mastery at the beginning of the year to Remedial at the end is that because the concepts are becoming more complex?
Yes, the priority standards contain multiple concepts that increase in complexity over a school year.

Will there be honor roll using MasteryConnect?
The district has yet to set honor roll or some other type of recognition. However, this is coming in the near future.

I have two children, a son and a daughter but I can only see my daughter’s information in Mastery Connect. Is there a way for me to see both children’s progress?
When you log in to your Mastery Connect account and see your daughter's name in the green bar at the top right, there should be a black triangle next to her name. Please click on that symbol - it will allow you to switch to your son's account.


This list will be updated as the school year progresses.