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Graves County School District extends Chromebook distribution to students in upper elementary school grades

Graves County Central Elementary School sixth-graders recently received Chromebooks for their school work. Here, the district’s chief information officer Jack Smith issues devices to (from left) Ellie Clark, Aleya Burnett, Evan Green, Edgar Garcia, and Hunter Carr. “We want to make sure that our students have every opportunity to learn and be active members of what really is a global community now,” said Graves County Schools Superintendent Matthew Madding. ‘So, we want to put these devices in the hands of as many students as possible. Now, we are, for sure, one-to-one in grades 5-12 and we have several more devices for the grades below grade 5 as well. The devices open up many doors for us. We are teaching kids how to be able to create and to collaborate in ways they do outside the school day.” 

Posted Thursday, August 15, 2019