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The Graves County School District exceeded 2017 statewide achievement scores at elementary, middle and high school levels

Educators, parents, and other observers will see data that is different from past accountability testing in several ways. Senate Bill 1 2017 states, “The evaluation for each school and district shall not consist of a single summative numerical score that ranks schools against each other; and be based on a combination of academic and school quality indicators and measures, with greater weight assigned to the academic measures.” Transition Period: “The new model is expected to be in effect in the 2018-19 school year.”

Graves County’s elementary schools scored 76.2 on social studies, far outdistancing the state elementary score of 60.0. Graves County’s 72.6 on language mechanics also compares quite favorably to the state elementary score of 55.6. Graves elementary reading registered at 65.6, well ahead of the state score of 54.3. Graves’ on-demand writing is 63.5, significantly ahead of the state elementary score of 45.9. Graves County’s elementary math score of 63.0 is well ahead of the state elementary score of 49.1.

“I’m very impressed with Graves County’s elementary schools’ results on this assessment,” said district elementary instructional supervisor Amanda Henson. “Congratulations to the teachers who have worked very hard, both individually and as a group, learning from one another in order to help their students learn. I know those same teachers are very proud of the great efforts of their students and support of those students’ families and so am I! Learning really is the result of the efforts of many people and all should be congratulated!”

Graves County Middle School scored 66.8 on language mechanics, far above the 48.0 for the state. GCMS has a reading score of 64.5, compared favorably to the statewide score of 56.9. Graves County Middle School’s social studies score of 62.2 edges out the state middle school score of 60.5. The GCMS math score of 49.9 is just ahead of the state score of 47.0.

Graves County High School scored 67.9 in on-demand writing, above the statewide high school score of 58.5. The Graves High social studies score of 60.3 is just ahead of the statewide 57.5. Reading at the high school registered at 59.2, ahead of the state’s 55.8. Graves High’s math score of 53.8 far outdistances the statewide high school score of 38.1. The school's College or Career Readiness rate of 80.9 percent far exceedes the statewide average of 65.1 percent. The senior class graduation rate of 94.8 percent, outdistances the state average of 89.8 percent.

“Both Graves County Middle and High schools did extremely well on this assessment,” said Assistant Superintendent Carla Whitis, who also serves as the district assessment coordinator and secondary instructional supervisor. “I believe our teachers’ genuine collaboration, intentionality, and just plain hard work show in these results. Most teachers enter education to make a difference. These teachers are doing just that! Like Amanda Henson said of the elementary students and families, we also see that tremendous work ethic in so many students and parents because they invest in these students’ education now for successful adult life in coming years.”

Graves County Superintendent Kim Dublin concluded, “We’re seeing solid evidences of significant growth across the district in our students and staff! That’s excellent because growth is what we’re all about!”

Posted Thursday, September 28, 2017