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Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (TPGES)

The vision for the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (TPGES) is to have every student taught by an effective teacher. The goal is to create a fair and equitable system to measure teacher effectiveness and act as a catalyst for professional growth.

Framework for Teaching

The Kentucky Framework for Teaching is a research-based set of components of instruction, aligned to the INTASC standards, and grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching. 

The complex activity of teaching is divided into multiple standards clustered into four domains of teaching responsibility:

1. Planning and Preparation
2. Classroom Environment
3. Instruction
4. Professional Responsibilities

It is important to realize that this Framework takes into account the Kentucky Teacher Standards, the Kentucky Board of Education's Program of Studies, Common Core Academic Standards, and the Kentucky Department of Education's Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning.

Self-Reflection & Professional Growth Planning

Self-reflection is a process by which teachers assess the effectiveness of their instructional planning, lesson implementation, content knowledge, beliefs, and dispositions for the purpose of self-improvement. The goal of self-reflection is to improve teaching and learning through ongoing thinking on how professional practices impact student and teacher learning.

The goal of a professional growth plan is to facilitate the translation of growth needs identified through self-reflection and other processes into practical activities and experiences that are of value to teachers in strengthening their competencies in the identified growth need areas.

Self-reflection and professional growth planning provide sources of evidence for determining an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating.


Observation is one source of evidence that contributes to an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating. The power of observation lies in its ability to provide the feedback and analytical reflection necessary for teachers to make intentional changes to their professional practices.

Student Voice Survey

The Student Voice Survey is a classroom level reporting system used to provide formative feedback and evidence of effectiveness to classroom teachers and school administrators. Additionally, it is one source of evidence used to determine an educator's Overall Professional Practice Rating.

Teachers and administrators garner this valuable feedback via an on-line survey of 3rd through 12th grade students, who report on their classroom experiences including teaching practices and learning conditions.

The Student Voice Survey questions are aligned to The Kentucky Framework for Teaching, which was adapted from the Charlotte Danielson framework for teaching. Districts are encouraged to share the Student Voice Survey questions. The 3-5 and 6-12 Student Voice Survey questions are available below.

Summative Evaluation Process

Principals and teachers have been actively engaged in many aspects of the PGES process throughout the year. The final component of PGES is for principals to complete a summative evaluation.
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