Superintendent's Message


Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Kim Dublin

“It's a great day to be an Eagle!”

That’s a phrase I’ve said many times in recent years and I will repeat it regularly for the rest of my life… because it’s true!

Whether a student starts out as a Knight, a Lion, a Wildcat, an Indian, a Rough Rider, a Blue Devil, a Golden Gopher, or whatever else, by graduation, we’re all Eagles! And, we each carry that distinction with us throughout our lives. The same is true for our faculty, staff, and administration.

As you probably know, a great deal of thought went into choosing the Eagle to symbolize Graves County High School, Middle School, and the district as a whole. Clearly, the qualities of an Eagle are many and varied. This beautiful bird that also symbolizes our beloved country is bold, proud, powerful, self-sufficient, self-confident, and even majestic! The Eagle soars high, powered by its God-given gifts and the skill set it has honed and mastered.

 Calling ourselves Eagles is not an act of arrogance, but rather a way to set our own course by modeling ourselves after such a regal creature. Like the Eagle, we know that life is challenging, so we set out to invest in ourselves and in our children so that we, too, may be the best we can be, soaring high and confidently through the winds of life.

Although our means and methods to survive and thrive differ from the Eagle in nature, we share many traits… including confidence, expectations of ourselves and others in our community, maximizing our resources, developing our skills, influencing, collaborating, learning, growing, sharing, and daring to dream and to follow our dreams!

With that mentality, who wouldn’t want to fulfill such potential… not just occasionally, but instead today and every day? That’s why I say loud and proud – and hope you join me, now and always in the sure knowledge that no matter what… It’s a great day to be an Eagle!

Sincerely, respectfully, and with great affection,
Kim Dublin 
In the Graves County School District, we believe:
  • All students can learn and rise to our expectations.
  • Everything we do should be student-centered.
  • Teachers influence learning more than any other factor.
  • Students learn more when authentically engaged.
  • As a team, schools, parents and communities help students reach their highest potential.
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