Substitute Teachers

School Closure/NTI Days

Following Governor Beshear's recommendation, Graves County Schools will be closed thru Friday, April  17.  We will utilize NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) days  each day except  April 6-10, which was our regularly scheduled Spring Break.

Click here for the NTI Meal Order Form and other information! 

Spring Break Meal Order Form


Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers

According to research, students that attend Kindergarten through 12th grade will spend the equivalent of one entire school year with a substitute teacher. Therefore,  Substitute Teachers are a vital part of the Graves County team in helping make our students successful!
Ann Clapp
Substitute Coordinator

Required Substitute Teacher Training

We strive to ensure Graves County Substitute Teachers are prepared for their job as "teacher." AppGarden helps to provide training for our Substitute Teachers so they have the knowledge and skill to be effective.
Starting in the 2016-2017 school year, all Substitute Teachers must undergo AppGarden training before they can begin work.  There are 2 training options:
Option 1:
Graves County Schools Effective Teacher Training with Substitute Orientation--$39.00
The Graves County Schools Effective Teacher Training with Substitute Orientation is a required course for all of the substitutes in Graves County Schools. Substitutes will complete the course prior to being hired.

Option 2:
Graves County Schools Substitute Orientation for Currently Employed Substitutes--$19.00
The Graves Substitute Orientation is a required course for currently employed substitutes or those that have prior substitute teaching experience who want to continue to substitute in Graves County Schools or who have had prior substitute experience. 
After determining the type of training required, please do the following: 
Step 1: View the Purchasing Guide to purchase a training at
Step 2:  After your training purchase, log in to the course to begin at
Step 3: Contact Ann Clapp when you have completed the entire training.
Need help?  AppGarden Support Desk is available 8-5:00 pm EST on Monday - Friday.  
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