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Principal Professional Growth and Effectiveness System
In PPGES, the uniform performance standards used in this system provide a balance between structure and flexibility and define common purposes and expectations, thereby guiding effective leadership. The performance standards also provide flexibility, encouraging creativity and individual principal initiative. The goal is to support the continuous growth and development of each principal by monitoring, analyzing, and applying pertinent data compiled within a system of meaningful feedback.
Purposes and Characteristics
The primary purposes of the Principal Professional Growth and Effectiveness System are to:
  • optimize student learning and growth;
  • contribute to successful achievement of the goals and objectives defined in the vision, mission, and goals of the school district;
  • provide a basis for leadership improvement through productive principal performance appraisal and professional growth;
  • and encourage collaboration between the principal and superintendent, and promote self-growth, leadership effectiveness, and improvement of overall job performance.
Self-Reflection & Professional Growth Plan
All principals and assistant principals will complete an annual Self-Reflection and Professional Growth Plan. These will be included as sources of evidence for determining a principal and assistant principal's Overall Professional Practice Rating.

Self-reflection is a process by which one may judge the effectiveness and adequacy of their performance, effects, knowledge, and beliefs for the purpose of self-improvement. The purpose of a professional growth plan is to facilitate the translation of growth needs identified through self-reflection and other processes into practical activities and experiences that are of value to principals in strengthening their competencies in the identified growth need areas.
Student Growth Goals
Principals are responsible for setting two student growth goals: a State Contribution Goal and a Local Contribution Goal.

One goal will be based on a Kentucky Board of Education Goal/Next Generation Goal and will be considered State Contribution.

The other goal will be based on school need and will be considered the Local Contribution. The second goal may parallel the first or be completely separate.

One of the two goals must focus on the Gap population.
Site Visits
Site visits are one source of evidence that is included when determining an administrator's Overall Professional Practice Rating.

​School site visits applied in a variety of settings, provide information on a wide range of contributions made by principals. School site visits may range from watching how a principal interacts with others to observing programs and shadowing the administrator.

Suggested guiding questions a superintendent may want to address are included on the Site Visit Form.
Working Conditions Goal
One approach to connect TELL Kentucky data to principal performance involves building the capacity for principals and their superintendents to interpret and use TELL KY data to set a target goal for Working Conditions improvement that connect to the Principal Performance Standards and impacts the working conditions within their building. Setting goals ‒ not just any goals, but goals based on whole staff feedback ‒ is a powerful way to enhance professional performance and, in turn, positively impact school culture and student success.
Summative Evaluation
The Overall Performance Category or Summative for principals and assistant principals is determined based on the Professional Practice Rating and Student Growth Rating. Professional Practice is based on the 6 Principal Performance Standards as viewed through the following sources of evidence:
  • Self-Reflection
  • Professional Growth Planning
  • Working Conditions Goal based on TELL KY Survey
  • Val-Ed 360
Student Growth is based on both the State and Local Student Growth Goals of the Principal.
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