MasteryConnect for Teachers

Levels of Mastery – Colors Represent Level of Intervention:
M = Mastery of Standards (Green)
NM = Near Mastery of Standards (Yellow)
R = Remedial Level of Understanding (Red)
Don't forget to use the fantastic Help section within MasteryConnect! It has videos and step cards for most any action in MC! 

Parent/Student Access

To Print Student Usernames and Passwords
Trackers>Students>Orange Hamburger Button>Print Usernames and Passwords
To Reset a Student Password
Trackers>Students>Search for Student>Click Edit under student's name>Enter new password>Save
To Send Parent Activation Email
Whole Class: Trackers>Students>Orange Hamburger Button>Send Parent Activation Emails
Individual Student: Trackers>Students>Search for Student>Under the student's name, click Send Parent Activation Email
Note: If the Send Parent Activation Email is not under a student's name, the parent has logged in to MC at some point.

Report Cards

Please remember that academic data from the main standards (NOT sub-standards) from your trackers will automatically be uploaded to the report card.  Therefore, be sure to add an overall grade called "Summative Assessment" to reflect what mastery level should be given for the assessed sub-standards.
To Enter Non-Academic Data (This must be completed before report cards are ran)
Click Trackers> Progress Reports>Enter Data>Save Changes. Remember that you only have to do this for one class. 
Don't forget!!! BE SURE TO CHANGE THE CLASS NAME AT THE BOTTOM THAT WILL APPEAR ON THE REPORT CARDS (eg. Change "My Homeroom Reading" to "Reading" or "Reading - Section 1").  Do this for each tracker/class.
NEW FEATURE - To Exclude a Tracker from the Report Card
Click Trackers> Progress Reports>Exclude from report
To View Mastery Percentages for Students before Report Cards Are Ran
In a tracker, click any student's name. Look at the "pie" to the right with the percentage. This pie and percentage will be the "grade" on the student's report card for that subject. Don't forget that only the MAIN standards (NOT sub-standards) will be factored in the report card. 
To View a Student's Report Card
Click Trackers>Students>Click on any student's name>Click any subject tracker>View Reports>Progress Reports>Click PDF Link to download report card 

FAQs for Teachers

What standards will be reported on the report card?
Only main standards are factored in for a student's Mastery Level percentage in a subject. Sub-standards are not factored in on a report card. However, they will be visible for students and parents to see in their portals. Also, all main standards that were assessed during the quarter's window (eg. August 6 - October 2) will be reported for that specific quarter's portion on the report card.

Do parents see Archived Trackers?
Yes. So, be sure to delete any Archived Trackers that are not being used.

How can I make the standards that I have yet to teach not appear for Parents in Parent Portal?
In your Tracker, click the orange hamburger button>Custom Settings>Hide unassessed standards from parents.  Remember, these standards still count on the report card.  They are just not visible by parents until they have at least 1 mastery grade.

Why are the assessed standards that appear in multiple quarters colored with a mastery level?
The system ties everything to a standard number. So, when you get to the next quarter, the data will follow. Think of it as a running record. However, please note that the mastery level may change in quarters but the mastery level reported on the previous report card will not. (Eg. Near Master in Quarter 1 will still count as NM on Q1 report card even though the student now as a Mastery in Quarter 2).

Can I add a standard?
Yes. You can add standards by clicking your curriculum map then the hamburger button then add standard. Once you select your standard, it will appear at the top. Just click and drag it to the correct quarter. Then, be sure to click to update your tracker (one the right side). Once you go in your tracker, your standard might be at the very end of your standard list and you might have to drag it to Quarter 1.

What if I didn't cover a standard in a quarter?  Can I move a standard from one quarter to another?
Yes. Simply hover over the standard in your tracker until you see a cross arrow. Click and drag the cross arrow to move the standard in your tracker.

How do I contact MasteryConnect for help with an issue or suggestion?
At the top right, click your name>Help>Submit a support request. Or, you can email MC at

Quick Tips

Auto-fill scores by hitting Shift + C
Move from box to box by hitting the tab button
Quarter Colors - 
Quarter 1: Red
Quarter 2: Orange
Quarter 3: Yellow
Quarter 4: Green 
Each Tracker must be built from a Curriculum Map 
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